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The Low Impact Project

The Low Impact Project is an ongoing photographic journal asking people what they're doing – or what they are trying to do to reduce their environmental impact.

"I always do selective sorting, eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, walk as often as possible.I’m not a vegetarian but I try to eat meat as little as possible. I use my own shopping bag when doing groceries. I (almost) never take a bath, and always try to take really quick showers to save water".

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Shot by: 
Lucie Bascoul



"I try my best to avoid buying into fast fashion. I know the fashion industry is a huge contributor to greenhouse gasses so it feels good finding something that I like when it's second hand. Plus its usually really cheap and a little more unique."

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Shot by: 
Emily O'Connell

"Everyday I try to be intentional about what I’m buying and also have honest conversations about what I actually need. I like making shopping lists so I don’t over consume. Surrounding myself with positive and solutions oriented people helps me remain dedicated to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Also of course being zero waste and not using single use plastics."

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Shot by: 
Green Girl Leah



"I try to reduce the negative impact on the planet in most aspects of my life. Which is not something you do in one day or over a night. I suggest, that one begins with the things that are the easiest for you."

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Shot by: 
Sara Gangsted

"I try to reduce my impact with mostly buying clothes second-hand. When I buy something ‘new’ for myself, I always look for qualities and materials that can last for a long time and can be used season after season."

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Shot by: 
Sara Gangsted



"I can’t say that I am a big activist in this matter, as I do not have so much knowledge to the point where I can say what is right or wrong. One thing that I do is find value and joy in is the little things, like knowing where the foods and products I consume come from. I naturally find much joy and value in this. The difference in taste has such an impact on me. I’m probably not consciously trying to pick and choose foods that have a low impact on the environment, but I do give importance to the value of knowing how, where and who creates the product. This relates to almost everything everything I consume.".

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Shot by: 
Lobke Leijser

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